Every time a development team creates a new website, or rolls out updates to an existing site, they have to ask:

  1. Will a website work perfectly across all browser versions, especially older ones? How frequently does browser compatibility testing need to be done to ensure flawless UX?
  2. If a website or web-app has been developed for the current version of any browser, exactly how many of the older versions does it need to be compatible with? How does one test a website on older browser versions?

This article will focus on and discuss the second question in detail.

If a…

Every web page renders differently in different browsers. When a browser reads the code behind a website, it translates the information in the default settings. For instance, Safari and Internet Explorer have different default fonts, which means the font on a specific site changes when viewed in these browsers. Safari defaults to the Helvetica family and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer defaults to the Arial font family.

Default issues are likely the most common reason for variance between browsers. When working with HTML and CSS, it is common to face browser-specific issues for the same web application. …

How to write an effective Bug Report

An effective bug report should contain the following:

1. Title/Bug ID

The title should provide a quick description of the bug.

2. Environment

A bug can appear in a particular environment and not others. For example, a bug appears when running the website on Firefox, or an app malfunctions only when running on an iPhone X. These bugs can only be identified with cross browser testing or cross device tests.

When reporting the bug, QAs must specify if the bug is observed in one or more specific environments.

3. Steps to Reproduce a…

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design refers to a design strategy that creates websites that work well for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Websites without responsive design risk alienating a significant number of users.

How to create a Responsive Website

#1 Set Appropriate Responsive Breakpoints

In responsive design, a breakpoint is the “point” at which a website’s content and design will adapt in a certain way in order to provide the best possible user experience.

With breakpoints in place, the website content will align itself with screen size and displays itself in a way that pleases the eye and…

What are CSS and media query breakpoints?

Every website is accessed via devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. The software has to render perfectly across each screen size. Content or images cannot be distorted, cut out, or obscured.

To allow this, developers have to use CSS breakpoints, also called media query breakpoints. These are points defined in the code. Website content responds to these points and adjusts itself to the screen size to display the accurate layout.

Check website responsiveness on a free Responsive Design Checker.

Are you accurately Defining Breakpoints in Responsive Web Design?

How to set CSS…

What is Visual Testing?

Visual Testing, verifies that the software user interface (UI) appears correctly to all users. Essentially, visual tests check that each element on a web page appears in the right shape, size, and position.

Before moving on with the rest of this article, have a glance at the basics of visual testing.

Common terms and definitions in Visual Testing

  • Visual Bug: Like every other form of software testing, the intention of visual testing is to identify bugs/errors/anomalies and fix them. …

What is Visual Regression Testing?

Regression Testing is used to verify that any system changes do not interfere with existing features and/or code structure. Visual Regression Testing applies the same logic but confines testing to the visual aspects of software. In other words, it checks that code changes do not break any aspect of the software’s visual interface.

What are Visual Bugs?

Let’s say a user opened a web app and tried to click a button, but couldn’t do so because an ad covers 3/4th of the button. This particular issue is an example of a visual bug. …

Is Virtual Machine Testing enough?

In a word, no.

Emulators mimic a specific device’s hardware and software on a tester’s workstation. Android Emulator (by Android Developer Studio) is commonly used for this purpose.

The emulator replicates the processor of the target device. Subsequently, it translates the ISA of the target device into one understood by the processor of the tester’s physical device (the one the emulator is running on). This process is called binary translation.

Ideally, binary translation should create VMs that offer near-native capabilities.If the target device uses the same ISA as the tester’s workstation, no binary translation is…

What is Test Infrastructure?

Test Infrastructure refers to tasks, events, activities, and processes that facilitate and support manual and automated testing. Better planned and implemented infrastructure provides stability, reliability, and continuity of testing.

Is Manual Testing Infrastructure slowing you down?

  • Anyone spending all day running manual tests will naturally be frustrated by the mundane, repetitive tasks.
  • Results are prone to human error.
  • Reproducing bugs is much harder.
  • Manual testing cannot feasibly keep up with the pace in the modern internet marketplace, which results in low code coverage.

Have you ever wondered about Code Coverage vs Test Coverage?

  • It cuts down…

What is Testing Maturity?

Testing Maturity designates the extent to which the process is optimized and formalized to accept and incorporate changes. This ranges from ad-hoc practices, formally established stages, result metrics, and optimization efforts on each level. Testing Maturity reveals how well the process is shaped, measured, managed, monitored and the results it yields.

Read More: Essential Metrics for the QA Process

What is Testing Maturity Model (TMM)?

TMM in software testing can also be used to evaluate how mature the current test pipelines are. …


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